Monday, 12 September 2016

The Statics - Sooprize Package - Real Records 7" - Real 001.

Well,yeah heh! Finally a new post! It's not that I don't have tons of this stuff lined up and ready to go, it's more that I can't find anything to say about it. And you probably don't care about that. You just want the punk rock. The tunes! And I can't blame you. I'd be exactly the same. So, I've stuck the blogger app on my tablet and on my phone and I've added a load of draft posts without text so that I can up new posts whenever I get bored. I'm writing this on the top deck of a bus on my way home from work. That kind of thing.

So, The Statics. This came free with the first issue of Sooprize Package zone, which was published on the south coast of England. It's exactly what you would expect of The Statics covering Supercharger. Sparks do fly. From what I recall, the flipside is an instrumental. Either way, it's good shit. Launched from a bus. Enjoy.

The Statics - Sooprize Package - Real Records 7" - Real 001.


  1. Hi Dude , this file don't work , is possible reupload ?

  2. Hi dude , this file don't work , please is possible reupload ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi. Try it now. I accidentally uploaded an old link.

  3. Thanks buddy , now is ok , cheers !!!