Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Blow Up - Pool Valley - Creation Records CRE049T

This stems from that initial post-Upside Down Creation Records boom period. When things got bigger but before they went Mental. This is Blow-Up's second single and it's named for the main bus station in Brighton. The place Martha's Mega Bus to Brighton was no doubt headed. Appropriately enough this is being posted from a bus. At the time Blow-Up featured singer Nick Roughley, drummer Chris... Windows(?), bassist Aziz Hashmix and guitarist Alan Stirner, late of fellow Brighton band Whirl and future member of The Wolfhounds. It's solid late 80s indie rock. The main title is catchy as all get out. Enjoy.


  1. your site has mad but brilliant music ty for keeping it live too many dead sites now

  2. Much appreciated - just blew through and got everything downloadable. Some I know, some I don;t - looking forward to learning these new exciting nightmare combos!