Friday, 27 May 2016

T.S.O.L. - Man and Machine - Posh Boy PBS 24 - 1990.

Early T.S.O.L. reissued through Posh Boy in 1990. I'll be honest, I know basically fuck all about these tracks. There's a version of Peace Thru' Power on the band's second LP. And Man and Machine features on the band's Alternative Tentacles released Weathered Statues EP. Whatever, whatever. It's good early stuff. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Walter Daniels, Oblivians & Msr. Jeffrey Evans - At Melissa's Garage - Undone Records 10" - UR 0008-10. 1995.

Originally released on limited 10” in 1995 on the Undone label, these tracks were later reissued as part of the Melissa’s Garage Revisited LP on Sympathy For The Record Industry four years later (and bolstered by four tracks from an Oblivians-infused ’68 Comeback 7”). This is a vinyl rip of the original ten. It features all three Oblivians, Monsieur Jeffrey Evans (Gibson Bros, 68 Comeback) and Walter Daniels (Jack O’Fire and a billion other acts). The five tracks feature here were also bootlegged on the ’17 Cum Shots’ release. Which is cumming soon. Enjoy.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Dorotea - EP2: It's Happening Again - Zenith Recordings - Zenith 7 - 2003

Uniting both sides of my stupid brain - small scale DIY pop and rocking guitar action! - Dorotea were a band from Sweden who were mainly active at the beginning of the 21st Century. When I was paying literally no attention. Fortunately, they reformed to play at Indietracks in 2014 - three men and a drum machine - where they blew me away. The songs are short (sometime very), fast (mostly) and catchy (always). They do not outstay their welcome. Their output was very limited - two EPs (I bought this one from them at Indietracks) and one CD-only LP (FFS!). It's basic, impassioned stuff. Enjoy.

Dorotea - EP2: It's Happening Again - Zenith Recordings - Zenith 7 - 2003

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Various - The Boss Instrumentals EP. Romulan Records UFOX22.

Two years too late for material that's already fifty years out of sync with the real world. Four obscure B-sides from the swinging sixties. The stuff of legend. And what about  those Monster A Go Go LPs being reissued for Record Shop Day this year? Normally I'd say, hands off, let the new stuff through to the pressing plants, but at least they're rare and maybe slowed the relentless tide of vinyl reissues of stuff you can get cheaper secondhand (Bowie, Prince, Phil Collins*).

*Just seeing if I can bump him off by association.

Various - The Boss Instrumentals EP. Romulan Records UFOX22.

WE'RE BACK!! WE'RE BACK!! Everything is available again.

We're back. Everything has been re-upped and there's new stuff waiting to go. Watch this space and Fuck CDs.