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The Mummies - Play Their Own Records! Estrus Records LP. ES94015.

It's Mad Mummies March! Let's see how many Mummies discs I can upload. (I don't have everything). This Estrus compilation is meant to be them playing all their then current and out-of-print releases on one side with some unreleased material on the flip. It would interrupt the mixtape vibe if I were to separate out the individual tracks, so here are sides one and two presented uncut.

Side One has That Girl / Test Drive / I'm Bigger Than You / Dirty Robber / Food, Sickles and Girls, / One By One / Out Of Our Tree / Tall Cool One / A Girl Like You / That's Mighty Childish / (Doin') The Kirk.

Side Two features Die! / Mashi / The Fly / The House On The Hill (The latter two taken from the 16mm feature 'Go Baby Go! Or Go To Hell!'. A film by Michael A. Lucas).

Sleeve Notes:

"None of you can imagine how pleased I was when I first got wind of the Mummies breaking up. It was about time y'know. Three years I think it was. And toward the end there, it got really sick. Every Tom, Dick and Harry was talking about them. ''What gives?'', thought I. If the Mummies were so great, why aren't there more bands like them? You would think that all these so-called ''fans'' would catch on after a while.But no one did. Everybody flocked to the live show 'cause they heard the Mummies were wild on stage. I guess it brought back memories to these forty year old cunts with their arty farty attidudes, that like maybe the Mummies could possibly be the next Kiss or something. But on the contrary, it was the other way 'round.The Mummies were not cool in any way, shape or form. They made complete asses out of themselves on stage, and were never even bothered by it. They were even banned from here and there for little things, like the wrecking and thieving of club equipment. But still, they always seemed to get booked by some sucker who thought he could make a quick buck off of them.Just like all those fucking record lables (sic). Sheesh! Every little lable wanted to get their dirty hands on the Mummies. Five of them did. But Sub Pop didn't. The idiots at Sub Pop must of thought that every band would jump at the chance to be on their lable. But not the Mummies. They happily declined Sub Pop's stinking offer. I mean really...who wants to be associated with a bunch of stoner twats such as Sub Pop? And as far as all those 45's the Mummies put out over their existence, just about all of them were like the lowest of quality. You see, they didn't want to sound like all them other high-tech bands. Most of their recordings were done by themselves on like the cheapest vintage equipment they could get their hands on, ensuring the most primitive sound quality possible. Just ask any so-called Mummies fan about what he thinks of any of their 45's and most likely he'll cringe and clutch onto his portable C.D Walkman for security.And speaking of C.D's, you won't find any of the Mummies releases on compact disk, and that's just the way it is, babe. 'Cause in the long run, the Mummies sound is purely budget rock. Nothing up the sleeves. No matter what lable pressed a Mummies single, it was always guaranteed to sound like shit. This was good for ruining the respectability of independent record lables.All in all, the Mummies timing was right. They broke up just as they were starting to get real popular amongst the blind masses. Wow! Not bad for a band that averaged about forty-five watts of power on stage. And to all the so-called Mummies fans and die-hard record collectors, here's a big F-U-C-K Y-O-U!!! Popularity always takes the piss out of good things.
Shane White, Pure Filth Magazine, March '92."
Hey! Hey! It's The Mummies! Enjoy.

The Mummies - Play Their Own Records. Estrus Records LP ES94105

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