Saturday, 19 January 2013

Thee Mighty Caesars - Caesars Remains. Hangman Records LP. Hang 46-UP

A bit of Billy as we've not had any for a while now. This is one that survived The Great Fund-raising Billy Cull of several years back due to two things; the picture on the sleeve - beer crates, mid-air Caesars and Napalm Death t-shirts, how incongruous can you get? - and the quality of the material contained within said sleeve. It's difficult to argue against the opinion that Thee Mighty Caesars were it where Billy Childish bands are concerned. The die was cast with this band, everything that came after was a retread (Thee Headcoats) or inferior (the 'British Empire' band). Not to say that what came after wasn't worth listening to, more that this feels like a peak. Turn it up. Jump up and down. Enjoy.

Thee Mighty Caesars - Caesars Remains. Hangman Records LP. Hang 46-UP.


  1. There was a time when you could pick up everything Billy Childish related @ the Underground (Las Vegas) sadly I only picked up You Are Forgiven 7" but that stoked my interest

    1. There's a strong collector element that ultimately ruined picking up Childish stuff for me. That and the demise of Hangman Records. When he was churning them out himself at affordable prices it was a bit easier. Still, we'll always have the MP3s. :)