Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Royal Pendletons - Goner Records 7" EP. 4-GONE

This early Goner release features New Orleans' finest frat act, The Royal Pendletons. The four tracks on this seven could easily have been lost in the vaults since the 60s. Smokin' is a rocking instrumental that nearly runs away from the bass player (keep your ears, er, peeled towards the end), Sheep Suit is an excellent companion piece to Sam the Sham and The Pharoahs' Lil' Red Riding Hood, Losing Hand is a stomping frat rocker and instrumental Royal Blood Part II would grace the back catalogue of any 60s instro band. The pressing isn't great, so there are a number of crackles (it used to jump, but I managed to eke one straight play out of it). Play it loud. Enjoy.

The Royal Pendletons - Goner Records 7" EP. 4-GONE.

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  1. can I ask for a re-up? been looking for this for ages