Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Fall-Outs - The Fall-Outs. Sub Pop / Super Electro LP. Super 02.

This is the first LP proper by these mainstays of the Seattle garage / Mod scene. It was issued by Steve Turner on his Super Electro imprint, with distribution by his then label, Sub Pop. The band plays a kind of pounding 60s-influenced guitar pop. A sunnier take on The Swinging Neckbreakers, but with fewer pairs of winklepickers. I've their Estrus-released singles collection primed and ready to go if this one takes anybody's particular fancy, and I'm fairly sure I have their second Super Electro LP release, Sleep, on the shelves. Enjoy.

The Fall-Outs - The Fall-Outs. Sub Pop / Super Electro LP.  Super 02.


  1. They were a truly awesome band. I was lucky enough to get this on vinyl back in the day, but it's great to have a digital copy so I can play it while cooking dinner! Thanks!!!

  2. Love this album, cheers dude!

  3. obviously, autumn is not your season....
    welcome to winter & your return with good taste...
    Mr Noon

    1. Thanks. Good to see you active again, too, Mr. N.

  4. you have the singles and Lp from the Loose Lips ?