Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Mummies - Fuck C.D.s! It's ... The Mummies. Hangman Records LP. Hang47-Up. 1992.

Well, oops. It wasn't meant to be such a long time between updates. Things got a bit bogged down when I decided to run Mad Mummies March. That didn't happen but my head was turned by Mad Mummies May. Which also didn't happen, but I have at least now digitised all my Mummies vinyl. In celebration here's the legendary Fuck C.D.s! It's ... The Mummies on Wild Billy Childish's old Hangman label. This is proper budget rock as it's essentially Never Been Caught with three fewer tracks. Sterling marketing, there, Billy. Nice one.
Anyhow, you know how this sounds. It's The Mummies. There may be differences in the mastering between this and the Telstar-released LP, but how would I know. I'm just a tone deaf lunk who loves the sound of amateur hour. There will be more. Enjoy.


  1. hey buddy i have a request : you have this 7" ,
    young losers - that's it / striking out ?

  2. Industrialnorth7 July 2012 at 15:46

    Welcome back geezer

  3. Ugg. Link broken already...

    1. Not broken. It's been deleted. I'll look into it.

  4. Damn, I really wanted this!

  5. Try again. I've just reupped it.