Monday, 17 October 2011

Various Artists - Seattle vs. Austin 7". Static Records SR701. The Primate 5, The Statics, Jack O'Fire, The Inhalants.

What's the point of setting up a fight if there's no way to resolve it? Who wins this particularly pointless battle? Both sides have one 'heavyweight' (and I bet that's the first time The Statics were ever, without irony, referred to as a Seattle 'heavyweight') and one hanger-on. I'm not even sure of the covers to originals ratio on this. Jack O'Fire take on Sonny Boy Williamson's Western Arizona, The Statics amplify their Billy Childish fetish by covering his Kinds of Women (which he no doubt lifted from some other source, light-fingered and unacknowledged). The Primate 5 and The Inhalants? Who knows? I suspect it's their own material as they are the support acts and they have songs to burn. The second release on this label was a Japanese Tour 7" by The Statics. If anybody has it, please share. I'd love to hear Hoppenrath's take on Loli and the Chones' I Hate Your Guts. In the meantime, enjoy.

Various Artists - Seattle vs. Austin 7". Static Records SR701.


  1. The inhalents put out a really good disc on Estrus and some nice 45s including a tribute to "Kolchack, the night stalker". As for the Primate 5, I think I there was another single "She cleans the house". I don't have the tour single unfortunately. I do have a bunch of other 45s and a 10" and a split with "Sick and Wrong".

  2. I've already uploaded She Cleans House and I've got a couple of Inhalants 7"s ready for upping at some point. Is the Statics 10" the Estrus Bowling one? I never saw a copy of that.