Monday, 24 October 2011

Girl Trouble - The Track - Estrus 7" ES789.

I 'found' a bunch of Estrus singles in the loft last week when I was up there looking for horror magazines* for a work colleague. (*I know. I am a cliche). They were at one point e-bay bound. This was one of them. I tried, several times, to 'get into' Girl Trouble, but it never really happened for me. In retrospect this railway-themed single is pretty damned fine, and the one-sided 78-aping sleeve is very, very good. It's not credited, but screams Art Chantry. Enjoy.

Girl Trouble - The Track - Estrus 7" ES789.

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  1. I think their that the best thing Girl Trouble did was their LP for Sub Pop and a couple of early 7" recordings. I think they still exist, I caught them once on a trip to Seattle with the Mono Men way back when.