Friday, 2 September 2011

The Galaxy Trio - Saucers Over Vegas. Estrus 10". Estrus Arts ES105.

One of two 10" EPs I own by this band. Both are on Estrus. Beyond that I don't really know much about them at all. Despite the name, I'd argue that they are an instrumental band, rather than a surf band. Maybe they started out as a straightforward surf band and evolved, similar to the journey undertaken by Man ...Or Astro-Man?. Or maybe they're just bad at being 'surf'. Either way, it's good stuff uncluttered by crap lyrics. Enjoy.

The Galaxy Trio - Saucers Over Vegas. Estrus 10".  Estrus Arts ES105.


  1. One of the greatest surf instro bands of the 90's! Where you Jim Crabbe?

  2. Thanks, Brandonio! I was more indirectly damning about The Surf Trio than I meant to be. I think they're a great band, but I wish I knew more about them.