Monday, 26 September 2011

The Statics - Rat City. Rip-Off Records LP. RIP OFF #005.

Finally, the first LP from Seattle's greatest band of pre-school garage punkers. Second LP and some demos and stuff to follow soon enough. Does anybody know what Zack Hoppenrath is up to these days? I hope he finally completed his collection of rare Billy Childish singles (or realised that, like painting the Forth Road Bridge, collecting Billy Childish vinyl is a never-ending task). Enjoy.

The Statics - Rat City. Rip-Off Records LP. RIP OFF #005.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Trashwomen - The Trashwomen vs. Deep Space Pin-Up Records LP.

 The Trashwomen are two bands. On one hand, the shrieky, screechy annoying harridans of doom vocal band and on the other one of the best surf instrumental bands to grace my turntable. Both have their merits, but their own schizophrenic battle of the bands would be won by the vocal-less trio. One day I will separate out their tracks into words and no words. Just so that I can enjoy the full effect of both. In the meantime, enjoy.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Girls At Our Best - Politics. Record Records RR2.

More pure pop from the wrong side of the Pennines. The second single from Girls At Our Best on their own Record Records label. Looking at the line-up on the flipside of the sleeve I was going to suggest that this was proof of the primacy of trios but there's no drummer listed. Both tracks are great but I think that, on this occasion the B-side wins. I'd love to see some footage of this band moving and grooving but, alas, there's nothing out there freely available. Enjoy.

Girls At Our Best - Politics. Record Records RR2.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Seculars - Social Skills EP - 360 Twist Records 36T019.

Something about this band reminds me of Teengenerate; it's not just the speed, or the biscuit tin drums. It's the sound of somebody singing in a language which is not his own. Which is weird because, as far as I can ascertain, The Seculars were from the USA where they speak a version of The King's English. This appears to be the only thing they ever released and is on, as pointed out by the old Static Party blog, a label mainly devoted to second division winkle-picker bands. And one first division winkle-picker band. Static Party also points out that most copies are promo-punched. As you can see, my copy is also. That's because I was sent it as a promo. The first two tracks are so closely merged I've left them in one file. The girl on the front looks like a young Angela Rippon. Enjoy.

The Seculars - Social Skills EP - 360 Twist Records 36T019.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Car Thieves - Shake A Leg. Radio X 7". RX07.

The Car Thieves inferior release on Radio X. Just plain excellent garage and trash here. Their stupendously good surf single on Planet Pimp sounds like it was recorded by a different band. Enjoy.

The Car Thieves - Shake A Leg. Radio X 7". RX07.

Friday, 2 September 2011

The Galaxy Trio - Saucers Over Vegas. Estrus 10". Estrus Arts ES105.

One of two 10" EPs I own by this band. Both are on Estrus. Beyond that I don't really know much about them at all. Despite the name, I'd argue that they are an instrumental band, rather than a surf band. Maybe they started out as a straightforward surf band and evolved, similar to the journey undertaken by Man ...Or Astro-Man?. Or maybe they're just bad at being 'surf'. Either way, it's good stuff uncluttered by crap lyrics. Enjoy.

The Galaxy Trio - Saucers Over Vegas. Estrus 10".  Estrus Arts ES105.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Laugh - Paul McCartney. The Remorse Label 7". Loss 5. Plus debut Peel session.

The great lost Manchester band. Laugh had the misfortune to straddle two scenes. Born out of the guitar band activity stimulated through the success of The Smiths and scuppered during the excesses of Madchester. This is their first 'proper' release. Before this, they had a flexi-disc release available through Dave Haslam's estimable Debris fanzine. They followed it with the already-uploaded Take Your Time, Yeah and another, more dance-music influenced single, Time To Lose It, which was more representative of the sound of their only, disappointing, LP, Sensation Number One. For me, they were always at their best as a tune-focussed big beat band. Such as on this seven. The title track in particular. Thanks to Michael for loaning me this record during a camping trip. It's a tricky thing preserving a twenty-four-year-old vinyl single in the middle of a field. As a bonus, I've included their first Peel Session, which features versions of Paul McCartney and Take Your Time, Yeah. Enjoy.

Laugh - Paul McCartney. The Remorse Label 7". Loss 5.
Laugh - Peel Session - March 17th 1986.