Sunday, 17 July 2011

Unsane - This Town - Treehouse Records 7". TR 020.

From the days when it felt like everything was recorded at Fun City, NYC by Wharton Tiers, here's the first single from Unsane. (2nd edition - 500 copies the sharper-eyed amongst you will have noted). Chug, chug, skronk skronk, shout shout. Check out the Thanks To list for an understanding of Unsane's standing in the New York art rock scene in the early 90s. This is the first of a number of sevens I've borrowed from my good friend, and anagram, Mr. JHR. Enjoy.

Unsane - This Town - Treehouse Records 7". TR20.


  1. Can you reupload this? Sendspace is a bitch about deleting stuff.

  2. Certainly. I have it on the other computer and will repost it later today.