Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Phantom Surfers - Besame Mucho. Standard Recordings 7". SR71.

 The first single from the golden glove champs of the west coast Go Sound from way back in 1991. A propos nothing at all, here's a good video of them playing in Portugal a couple of years ago. I see Johnny's back. It would have been a GREAT video, but some nit cut out all the inter-song banter. The best thing about any Phantom Surfers performance is the inter-song banter. And the jokes. The music is incidental to the banter.  And if any of you were technically-minded enough to download the video (in the best possible quality) and send me a copy I'd be very, very happy.

The Phantom Surfers - Besame Mucho. Standard Recordings 7".  SR71.


  1. thanks so much, I have no clue who they are, but the name of the band and your comments gave me the nedd of giving it a try, thanks again