Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Makers - The Devil's Nine Questions. Estrus Records 10" ES104.

I've been wanting to upload more from my collection of 10" singles and EPs but have held back for lack of cover material. That is, my scanner is smaller than 10" so it's impossible to scan the sleeves like I do for the 7"ers. Yesterday, though I had the idea to mount the camera on its tripod and shoot the sleeves. Due to the angle of the lens the pictures are slightly skewed, so the cropping is a bit messy. I hope it's an acceptable 'work around' until I decide to invest in an A3 scanner.

So. The Makers. They seemed to come out of nowhere to release a bunch of stuff on The Right Labels, driving to their gigs in a Mummiesesque hearse and championed by their manager, the charismatic Vic Mostly, who would have not been out of place managing a WWE wrestler. This is one of two ten inch EPs by the group that survived The Great Garage Punk Sort Out a few years back. It's all instrumental and is good and all. It's more rocky than surfy, but with only 10" of vinyl to fill they don't outstay their welcome. Enjoy.

The Makers - The Devil's Nine Questions. Estrus Records 10" ES104.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I miss the days when this band put out stuff nearly every week. They went glam at the end of the Estrus era and went on to put out a couple of discs for "Kill Rock Stars".