Thursday, 24 March 2011

Various Artists - Oh Canaduh. Lance Rock LP. LRR-19.

No image, so here's a 'video' of UJ3RK5 doing the original version of 'Eisenhower and The Hippies' which Man Or Astro-Man cover almost note for note. Oh Canaduh is an LP of 90s surf, punk and garage rock bands covering Canadian New Wave Hits of the late 70s and early 80s. What makes it better than so many 'cover' LPs is that rather than just looking at one act - Link Wray or Sam The Sham, for example - where the choice can get a bit thin, there is an opening up and the opportunity to cover one band's best song. And there are a lot of best songs on this brilliant record. I'd love to hear all the originals.

Track-listing (original artists listed at the end):

1. Teengenerate: Top Down (Teenage Head)
2. Bum: Screaming Fist (Viletones)
3. Lord High Fixers: Fuck You (Subhumans)
4. The Tonics: I Hate Music (K-Tels)
5. Young Fresh Fellows: Disco Sucks (D.O.A.)
6. The Smugglers: What Do You Want Me To Do (Pointed Sticks)
7. Al Perry: Fun While It Lasts (Active Dog)
8. Fastbacks: Won't Have To Worry (Modernettes)
9. Supersnazz: I Don't Love You (Dishrags)
10. Evaporators: I Can't Puke (The Dry Heaves)
11. Man Or Astroman?: Eisenhower & The Hippies (U-J3RK5)
12. The Onyas: I Don't Give A Shit (The Biz)
13. The Cryin' Out Louds: Now I Ain't Got No Face (No Fun)
14. The Stupes: American Bandstand (Infamous Scientists)
15. Nardwuar The Human Serviette - Secret Track (?)

Various Artists - Oh Canaduh. Lance Rock LP. LRR-19.


  1. This is a great Album! I have it and all,but I never could find Vol.2,do you have that one as well?

  2. Sadly not. I didn't even know about it until I did some digging last night.

  3. this looked good, but sadly the link says 'file deleted'