Sunday, 13 February 2011

Jackknife - Kill-O-Zap. Munster Records 7".

Ah, Jackknife. A band who I seem to have amassed a whole bunch of records by, including the personalised fanclub-only Xmas single, but who I never listen to these days. At all. This is a fairly early release and is from their most noisy period. They also had a time when they really, really wanted to be Pussy Galore. Then, ultimately the ended up doing The Blues Thing. I realise I'm making them sound really shitty, but there was something about them. Honest. Loads more to follow. In no particular order.

Jackknife - Kill-O-Zap. Munster Records 7".

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  1. I used to know Rich and Sandra, they lived in the same apt. bldg in Long Beach as my best friend. One night we were all partying, and when they went home I followed them into their apartment. They said the night was over, but I just refused to let it end... or to leave. Rich pulled out his state of the art home defense system, which was some kind of little billy club, and hit me in the head. Then I left.