Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Phantom Surfers - Survival of the Fattest EP. Planet Pimp Records PPR-012.

Anybody who has seen The Phantom Surfers play live knows that one of the greatest things about them is the side-splitting entertainment they provide. No, they're not really bad, just really good at between-song banter. This product of a natural partnership with wise-ass record label, Planet Pimp Records, appeared at the height of the post-Pulp Fiction fad for surf music and features precisely no surf music. The first track is a live performance by the band with all the music taken out; it's funny, but the great irony is that this stand-up double act (between guitarist Mel Bergman and bass player Mike Lucas) needs the music to help sweep it along. The final track is a Comfy Jones prank call to self-appointed inventor of Heavy Metal, Dick Dale, which is worth sitting through for the final pay-off, and to hear Dale's well-rehearsed description of himself. This track also sticks at the end, but I've left it in. It's not as if you'll be dancing to it...

The record came with a pre-printed postcard of complaint so that disappointed hipsters could request a refund from Mr. Sven-Erik Geddes.

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  1. WoW!
    I don't think I got the post card...Wait.
    I guess I did! Paid $599 for this baby at Amoeba in SF many years ago!
    Thanks for sharing!