Monday, 27 September 2010

The Vulcaneers - Last Call. Radio X 7" RX06

Star Trek-themed Surf trash on Radio X. Between these, Thee Shatners and The Apemen, the Star Trek/Surf music crossover crowd are well catered for. The A-side is the sound of a Klingon Bar Man calling Last Orders; no 'Time, Gentlemen, please" here. The flip is an instrumental. I have an LP by this lot on Repent which I will post at some point. They also released a second 7" on Radio X, but I don't own it.

The Vulcaneers - Last Call. Radio X 7" RX06.


  1. wow your blog is truly a diamond!!! tons of cool tunes !!!
    thanks a lot !!!

  2. I know 2 of these guys were in the Boars.

  3. hey, it's Shannon from The Vulcaneers here...loving this blog, so good to hear singles i haven't heard in you have "All-Night Riot" by the Makers? would love to hear it again...I don't have a copy of our second single or i'd email it to you, i do have some stuff, let me know if you need anything

  4. would gladly email the Vulcaneers LP, as I do have that on Repent