Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Dirty Lovers - Teenage Love Bomb! / All I Want. In The Red Records 7". ITR006. VBR 240. Updated 2016

I bought one of those cheap and nasty MP3 turntables recently with the express intention of creating digital files of those records which I had in my collection and wanted to hear at work, but didn't have on crappy CD or couldn't download.  This record was one of the ones at the top of my pile. It's superb. I prefer the b-side, All I Want, myself, hence the name of this blog, but let's be honest I'm splitting hairs. The band's entire available recorded output appears to total just seven tracks; the two on this single, 'Shanty Tramp', 'One To Blame' and 'Loudmouth!' (surely a Ramones cover) alongside 'All I Want' on a Dog Meat single, a cover of The Sonics' Boss Hoss on a split single on obscure Australian indie Destroyer Records (which also featured Bored!, Seminal Rats and The Poppin Mamas and was successful enough to be reissued on Dog Meat), and a track called 'That Was Then, This Is Now' on a Destroyer Records compilation of Geelong bands so obscure even the usually reliable Grunnen Rocks website throws its arms up in defeat.

Unfortunately, the reason for the lack of triple LPs and spin-off solo projects is the band were involved in a serious road accident on the way to/back from a gig/recording session (all have been mentioned over the years) and drummer Sash and vocalist Shane were killed. I'd hope the surviving members (it's clear the band did not carry on) would take some comfort from the terrific reception their material has picked up in the meantime, and that Nozza (slop guitar), Gary (bass) and Arch (rockin' rhythm guitar) know they transcend Geelong.

Stop Press. Just found this on You Tube.

Teenage Love Bomb


  1. I have the "Shanty Tramp" 7' put out on Dog Meat and its a cracker!
    I have read that there is a full albums worth of recorded songs that have never been released (or even bootlegged).

  2. There's also live footage doing the rounds, which once sailed tantalisingly close to All I Want Towers, but drifted away due to the fella owning it being a spacer.

  3. The Dirty Lovers - Upgraded to VBR 240 and video added.

  4. I have the "Shanty Tramp" 7" EP too... but never heard this one... Any chance to re-up?
    Thanx for the blog!

  5. Theres a few more cracking 'Lovers songs out there and a compilation re release needs to happen.

  6. There was a compilation of Geelong bands called 'check this action' (maybe on destroyer?) which had the dirty lovers' version of the song of the same name on it. This was followed by 'that was then, this is now' which had the dirty lovers' 'no good woman' on it. Both great albums, some cracking songs on them.